We can treat Sacroiliac fascia fat hernia

Sacroiliac fascia fat hernia ( Sacro-iliac facial lipocela ) refers to the hip fat through the sacroiliac prominent form ( hernia ), is one of the causes of lower back pain. Women are more frequent, especially obese adult women, but based on our many years experience, more then half of the patients are male and they mostly middle-aged and elderly.  Sacroiliac area fat hernia is the most typical signs of the iliac crest in the upper edge of the sacroiliac joint outside . And in that area the subcutaneous tissue can reach multiple nodular mass, ranging from 1-3cm in diameter, nodular texture is hard and tough.

The main symptoms are back pain and ipsilateral hip pain, some patient with induced sciatica, the extent of the difference is large, mostly sore throat, a few in the crooked, squatting, got up or sacroiliac, waist twist after sudden increase in pain, and even turn over, get up and other activities are limited. Some patient in the acupressure nodules when the lumbosacral, buttocks or ipsilateral thigh pain, nodules can be round, over, or irregular shape, can be single or multiple fusion together. Some patient may appear pain in the distribution of sciatic nerve area, but straight leg raising test and strengthen the test was negative.

In the treatment of Sacroiliac fascia fat hernia, our team has accumulated rich experience and achieved satisfactory results.