Sacroiliac Joint Problems Can Treated By Acupuncture

The Sacroiliac Joint (SI joint) is a semi-fixed joint, located approximately at the top of each buttock, between the hip joint and the lower back. It sits between the sacrum bone, at the base of the spine and the ilium of the pelvis, which are joined by ligaments. It is a strong, weight-bearing synovial joint with irregular elevations and depressions that produce interlocking of the two bones. Humans have a left and right SI joint that often match individually but are highly variable from person to person. When the SI joint becomes inflamed or degenerated from an old fall, slip or minor trauma, it is called SI joint syndrome or Sacroiliitis.

The S/L is also susceptible to over-use, especially with women who have given birth. During the birthing process, this joint is exposed to high levels of stress, increasing that areas susceptibility to arthritic changes and arthrosis. When this happens, the joint surface is no longer smooth, causing irritation to the surrounding overlapping tissues and nerves. Weak ligaments in the area may also allow the SI joint “Shift” improperly causing undo stress.

The problems and pain associated with SI joint syndrome or Sacroiliitis can include unexplained groin pain, back pain, hip pain, leg pain, leg inflammation and even sciatic type nerve problems. Because of these symptoms, often time’s doctors look to the lower back and hips as the main cause and so the patient usually continues to have off/on chronic issues in that area, leading to potentially severe osteoarthritis of the SI joint.

It is important to understand that the SI joint relies on the health of the surrounding structures to maintain its health. For example: weak ligaments and tendons in the area can cause mal-alignment of vital musculoskeletal structures, greatly contributing to SI joint problems. Additionally knee problems, over extended periods of time can be contributed to SI joint issues.

What can be done to treat Sacroiliac Joint problems?

Many options for treating the SI joint are available. For past ten years we at Beijing Acupuncture & Herbal Clinic, Aurora, CO have treated over 100 cases of SI joint problems with Acupuncture and Manipulation. About over 80% cases received markedly curative effect.