11 Natural & Effective Benefits of Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture treatment is a form of alternative medicinal therapy and an important part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) which involves thin needles that are inserted into the body at acupuncture points where you have pain. Illness or Sickness is considered to be a consequence of an imbalance of the energy forces within our body. If appropriate acupuncture treatment is done at these stressed body points, energy flow can be brought back into proper balance. Acupuncture is generally safe when done by an appropriately trained practitioner.

Not Everyone Can Practice It

An acupuncturist must have in-depth knowledge and complete understanding of the human body. Perhaps that’s why some believe that only professional and experienced doctors should be allowed to practice it as they understand human body better, which helps them identify various acupuncture points and apply the right degree of pressure on them to bring relief to the patients. Speaking of experience and professionalism, Dr. Tian-long Du, Beijing Acupuncture & Herbal clinic, GA has experience of more than 49 years in Acupuncture Treatment and Pain Management through Herbal medicines

Acupuncture is Not Just for Pain

Though the common perception about acupuncture is that it works well for pain relief, it does a lot more than just helping you manage pain. With it, you can deal better with immunity problems, digestive disorders, low energy levels, stress and several other conditions – both chronic and acute.

Herbs Do Benefit Body in A Good Way

Herbs, especially traditional Chinese herbs, can work wonders for your overall health when they are complemented by an acupuncture treatment program.

Acupuncture Treatments are Relaxing

Most people associate acupuncture with needles and pain. The reality is quite different though. Unlike needles used by your doctors, acupuncture needles are very thin. Thus, inserting them usually gives the sensation similar to a slight pinch but the successive treatment is extremely relaxing.

Works Wonders for Women’s Health Issues

Though acupuncture is beneficial for several health conditions, women would be happy to know how effective it is for menstrual cramps, PMS (premenstrual) syndrome, hot flashes, irregular menses, infertility etc.

Is Drug-free Treatment

Unlike anti-inflammatory drugs and steroids used to treat pain, which may often have some side-effects, acupuncture is a safe, effective, drug-free treatment for pain and other conditions. Some studies have even shown it to be effective in treating depression in pregnant women without chemical intervention.

Effective in Treating Addiction

Anxiety, stress and depression are some of the largest roadblocks in quitting addictive behaviors and habits. Acupuncture can help beat these negative emotions and feelings by helping the mind to be relaxed and calm, thus making recovery from smoking, alcohol and drug addictions easier.

Effective Preventative Medicine with Positive Effects

Unlike drug therapies and invasive procedures that often trigger serious side effects and cause accumulated toxicity in the body, acupuncture is a completely natural therapy that stimulates the body’s natural healing properties. Thus, it has no undesirable side effects. Rather, people undergoing acupuncture have reported feeling great.

Acupuncture Points

There are over 400 acupuncture points on the human body, pressing which can stimulate the body’s natural self-curative abilities and help fight several common ailments. Gentle to firm pressure can stimulate these acupressure points, which then helps in promoting blood circulation, releasing muscular tension, weight loss and enhancing the body’s life force energy to assist healing.

An Affordable Medical Therapy

Unlike expensive medical treatments, therapies and medications, acupuncture is a natural treatment that’s effective and affordable. When used as a complementary therapy or primary treatment plan, it may help you steer clear of additional medical expenses and complications in future. You can even prevent future ailments and bring lifestyle changes (which have been tough to make earlier) with the use of acupuncture.

Take Away

In the US, more Americans are affected by pain than cancer, heart disease and diabetes combined. Living with pain interferes with your daily activities and gets in the way of enjoying small and big pleasures of life. Thus, it decreases your quality of life and even triggers acute depression and anxiety in many. A natural, effective and affordable way to combat pain is to opt for acupuncture. Now that you know about its benefits, bid adieu to pain and get on the path of living a pain-free life.