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Dr. Du has been providing pain management treatment in greater Atlanta area for the past 10 years. Throughout these years, he has treated patients with different types of pains using acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, Chinese herb, Tui Na and massage. These pain symptoms include but not limited to back pain, headache and migraine, hip pain, hand pain, arthritis, tennis elbow, etc.

Pain is a sensation. It’s a natural protective response to discomforts in our body. It’s also a signal from our body to alarm us that something is wrong in certain part of our body.

In the 1970’s as a neurologist, Dr. Du participated in a research group of acupuncture anesthesia for brain operation in Beijing China. The trial had shown that neuro-receptors and chemicals changed between pain sensation and acupuncture analgesia.

Endorphins ( opioid peptides ) is our body’s own natural pain killer. Research has elucidated when stimulating needles are placed into corresponding points in human body, the body would release pain-relieving endorphins and increase number of endorphin receptors in the brain.

From traditional Chinese medicine viewpoint , the cause of pain is often related to stagnation of qi (energy) or / and blood stasis. Stimulating acupuncture needles into corresponding points along human body’s meridians can promote circulation of qi and blood. Qi is the commander of blood. As long as we can make qi move smoothly in the meridians, the unbalanced function of the body would turn to normal ( balanced ). Therefore the stagnation of old blood will disappear naturally.

According to survey, more than 3 million Americans have turned to the 2500 year old Chinese medical technique to relieve body pains. More than a dozen studies over the past decade, including one from Harvard University in US, have shown that acupuncture is more valuable than conventional remedies for treating ailments such as osteo-arthritis of the knee and lower back pain. It has also shown to reduce migraine symptoms as well as the use of pain medicines.

Dr. Du has extensive knowledge and 49 years of experience with pain management using traditional Chinese medicine combined with western medicine in both United States and China. We’ve helped many of our patients to relieve pain. We have also helped our patients to decrease or stop consumption of pain medicines such as Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Methadone and others.

Our pain management treatment focuses on:

  • 1. Arm pain and leg pain
  • 2. Arthritis ( orteo-, rheumatoid- )
  • 3. Brian trauma
  • 4. Back pain
  • 5. Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • 6. Coccyx pai
  • 7. Costochondritis
  • 8. Fibromyalgia syndrome
  • 9. Foot pain and heel pain
  • 10. Frozen shoulder
  • 11. Hand pain
  • 12. Headache and migraine
  • 13. Hip pain ( Sacroiliac joint pain, Superior cluneal neuralgia and Piriformis muscle syndrome )
  • 14. Herpes zoster
  • 15. Lateral femoral cutaneous neuralgia
  • 16. Neck pain
  • 17. Occipital neuralgia
  • 18. Peripheral nerve neuralgia
  • 19. Plantar fasciitis
  • 20. Sciatica
  • 21. Soft-tissue injury
  • 22. Supraorbital neuralgia
  • 23. Tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow

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