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Eastern healing for Western needs

Dr. Du has been providing neurological disorder treatment since 1965. He has been engaged in study, clinic and research of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine since 1969. As a neurologist, Dr. Du often used Western medicine combined with acupuncture and Chinese to treat his patients and obtained satisfactory curative effect.

Neurological Disorders:
1. Anxiety
2. Depression
3. Insomnia
4. Headache (Migraine, Tension headache, Cluster headache, Postconcussion headache, etc.)
5. Stroke rehabilitation
6. Ataxia
7. Bell’s paralysis
8. Trauma of brain or spinal cord
9. Whiplash syndrome
10. Cervical or lumbasacral spondylosis
11. Dizziness and vertigo (Meniere’s syndrome, Vertebrobasilar ischemia, Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo)
12. Tinnitus
13. Mal de Debarquent syndrome (MdDS)
14. Numbness of arms or legs
15 .Brochioradial pruritus
16. Piriformis syndrome
17. Benign tremor
18. Occipital neuralgia
19. Trigeminal neuralgia
20. Intercostal neuralgia
21. Post heretic neuralgia (Herpes zoster)
22. Diabetic peripheral neuropathy
23. Erythromelagia
24. Raynaud syndrome



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